Workshop in english in Mallorca




"Say it"


With Isabel Kresse & Charu Eliza Hermsdorf
When confronted with a conflict, many of us have strong emotional reactions reaching from fear to anger, from shock to flight. We often feel helpless and exposed and many of us have  developed strategies to avoid confrontation out of fear of escalation.
In these three days we would like to show the chances and potentials conflicts bear and practice ways and tools of using them to come closer and understand each other better.
We will invite you to take a closer look at your own response and behavior when facing conflicts and invite you to get in touch with your emotions and find ways to move from reaction into compassionate action.
For better understanding we will take a closer look at how our brain reacts on a neurological basis and what strategies can be used to break through behavioral patterns.
Within the group we will learn to listen from different perspectives as well as practice to communicate interest-based and with clarity.
With a mixture of self reflection/ awareness and hands on tools we will practice to steer away from avoidance and towards a proactive, constructive way of communicating and addressing conflicts.

Spring 2018  - the exact date will be announced soon.
max. 20
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J. Isabel Kresse has been working with individuals, groups, couples, businesses and teams for more than 20 years offering mediation as well as coaching.
Since 1997 she is the head of the Berlin based one year training for becoming a mediator at IK Berlin.
In the many years of working with individuals and groups she has acquired a large variety of methods and tool sets which she uses as required.
Her focus lies on enabling the individual towards open and clear communication, to recognizing the core of their issues in order to solve their conflicts. This approach makes her work efficient and it´s effects lasting.


Eliza Charu Hermsdorf
Bachelor in Business Administration
Is co-founder of DIMA Mallorca, Centre for Conscious living and currently training to become a mediator. She feels very strongly about the mediative approach, especially after navi-gating through a conflict with the help of a mediator.
The respect and attention paid to the conflict and the pres-ence and compassion with which the conflicting parties are accompanied in the solution finding process, is what most inspired her and what her decision on becoming a mediator is based upon.